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Offer different type of cyclotrons as customers required.
Superconducting Cyclotron
Medical superconducting cyclotron mainly consists of ion source, magnet system, radio frequency system, extraction system, beam diagnostic system and auxiliary systems. The cyclotron employs superconducting technology, with a diameter of only 3 meters and weighing no more than 75 tons. It can produce ~240 MeV beam energy with over handreds of nano-ampere beam intensity, ensuring highly efficient dose delivery. The cyclotron, based on the physical properties of the “Bragg peak” of the proton, enables static spot scanning, achieving precise radiotherapy.
TypeSuperconducting Isochronous Cyclotron
Diameter3 m
ParticleProton (H+)
Weight75 t
Beam Energy240 MeV
Beam Current Intensity>500 nA
  • Efficient dose delivery reduces treatment time.
  • Realizing spot therapy modes with treatment times in hundreds of microseconds.
  • Compact structure reduces building footprint.
  • Multiple safety measures in place.
Cyclotron for Medical lsotope Production

The High Intensity Medical Isotope Preparation Cyclotron is used for the production of radioactive isotopes, mainly comprises an ion source, magnets, radio frequency systems, targets, and beam monitoring systems.

The cyclotron extracts energy within the range of 8-16MeV, with beam intensity of handreds micro-amperes. It can produce radioactive isotopes such as 18F、11C、15O、13N、64U etc. The cyclotron could evolve into a “drug delivery center”, catering to hospitals and research institutions' demands for radioactive isotopes.

Yoke Height0.92 m
Energy8-16 MeV
Weight16 t
Intensity>100 μA
Extraction Channel2
Diameter1.83 m
RF Power25 kW
Target System
The proton beam strikes various substances within the target after being extracted from the cyclotron, triggering nuclear reactions that yield positron-emitting radioactive nuclides such as 18F、11C、15O、13N, with a production rate of 4.5 Ci/h.
  • Compact
  • Small in Size
  • Light weight
  • Low operation costs
Superconducting Cyclotron Cyclotron for Medical lsotope Production