Hefei CIM

To Build a International Center for the Research and Manufacture of Nuclear Medical System.

Hefei CAS Ion Medical and Technical Devices Co., Ltd. (referred to as CIM hereafter) is an international integrated solution provider in the field of high-end particle radiotherapy. The compact and high-efficient proton therapy system developed by CIM promotes the application of precision radiotherapy technology. In addition to compact superconducting cyclotron, precise beam delivery system and 360° rotation proton therapy systems, the product range also covers a series of multi-energy cyclotrons and other high-end medical devices.

CIM has established an international quality management system complying with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards, and has cultivated a professional and international team dedicated to product development and service. The company has provided mature proton therapy equipment, cyclotron products, and “CIM solutions” for their construction and operation throughout the full cycle to numerous institutions at home and aboard. CIM will continue to adhere to its mission of " Exploring the power of technology to safeguard health " to benefit more cancer patients.


CIM was established in 2016.


Own 300+ authorized patents.