Proton Therapy Systems
High AccuracyHigh Cure RateFast TreatmentFewer Side-effects
Effective for malignant tumours of the brain, spinal cord tumours, cerebrovascular diseases, head and neck tumours, eye lesions, thoracic and abdominal tumours, paediatric tumours and other diseases.
Treatment RoomFixed-beam Treatment Room/ Gantry Room
Dose Rate≥2 Gy/(L.min)
Beam Intensity>800 nA
Treatment HeadPencil Beam Scanning
Continuously Adjustable Energy Range70-220 MeV
Maximum Energy240 MeV
Radiation Field30 cm×40 cm
  • Superconducting Cyclotron
    Superconducting technology.
    Continuous high-dose intensity modulated.
    High efficiency.
  • 360° Gantry Room
    Full 360° treatment angle.
  • Cone-beam CT image Guidance System
    Performing a 360° scan around the patient to acquire the precise position of tumor area, minimizing radiation exposure to normal tissues.
  • Fixed-beam Treatment Room
    Large fixed irradiation field, cost-effective.
    Primarily used for the treatment of head and neck tumors, particularly suitable for lesions such as skull base chordomas and malignan.
  • Flexible Configuration
    Personalized solutions are available, with single- or multi-room proton therapy systems tailored to clinical and research needs.
  • High Efficiency
    Scientific system operation process, fully optimised working logic, the average treatment time of 15 minutes per session; Flash technology allows brief but high dose tumor radiation, effectively reducing treatment duration.
  • Compact Structure
    Superconducting technology enables small size, light weight, low energy consumption, thereby reducing floor space and construction costs.
  • Customized Interface
    Customized development to clinical needs, lightweight interface library, bilingual (English and Chinese) user interface for ease of operation.
  • Patient-centered Care
    The gantry room reflects the concept of "Reinvent Yourself as a Butterfly", effectively relieving patients' psychological discomfort during the treatment process and ensuring the therapeutic effect.
  • High Accuracy
    Advanced pencil beam scanning technology ensures continuous and stable beam current, rapid intensity modulation; fully rotating gantry and precise image guidance system enable flexible irradiation
  • CAPRO-S(1 room)
    The footprint of the single-room proton therapy system is approximately 500 m²
  • CAPRO-X (2 rooms)
    The footprint of the 2-rooms proton therapy system is approximately 1500 m².
    CAPRO-X1 (1 gantry room, 1 fixed treatment room)
    CAPRO-X2 (2 gantry rooms)
  • CAPRO-T (multi-rooms)
    Multi-room system can be configured with treatment rooms according to demand, causing higher cost and larger footprint.
    CAPRO-T1(2 gantry rooms, 1 fixed treatment room)
    CAPRO-T2(3 gantry rooms)
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