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Short-term High-Tech products incubated during the long-term development of proton therapy systems
Patient Positioning System for Radiotherapy
The patient positioning system for radiotherapy comprises a six-degree-of-freedom flexible robotic arm, a carbon fiber plate and a control system. It is the core component of radiation therapy systems, serving as an essential treatment platform for patients. Its primary function is to accurately position patients for treatment and, throughout the treatment process, assist patients in maintaining a fixed treatment posture to precisely align the irradiation field with the targeted lesion area, which facilitates the precise execution of the intra-target irradiation plan, effectively targeting and destroying tumors.
  • Strong load-bearing capacity
  • User Friendliness
  • High Accuracy Positioning
  • Bionic Morphology Design
  • Superior Safety
ST-P101 Plasma Skin Treatment Device
The Skin Treatment-Plasma103 generates plasma by ionizing nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases through high-voltage electrodes. The active “micro-ion clusters” produced can deactivate disease-causing microorganisms, promote cell proliferation, and accelerate coagulation, consequently treating skin diseases caused by fungi and chronic wounds. Compared to traditional medical methods, plasma treatment not only avoids the side effects of medications on the human body but also exhibits higher cure rates and superior effectiveness.
  • Plasma technology
  • Non-inert gas supply source
  • Multi-shaped detachable therapeutic head
  • Ergonomic design (comfortable to hold, easy to operate)
  • Double suspended excitation source
  • Plasma control system
  • Modern-tech-inspired outlook design
  • Integrated and mobile body structure
CRP-Y-D-02 Plasma Air Sterilizer

Different from conventional methods, CRP-Y-D-02 Plasma Air Sterilizer operates without any chemical agents, utilizing a non-uniform field and pre-ionization method to significantly reduce excitation voltage, efficiently generating plasma rich in active “micro-negative oxygen ion clusters” and “micro-hydrogen ion clusters” to disrupt the shell structure of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria and viruses), deactivating them and significantly reducing the viral density in the air. This greatly diminishes the potential for disease transmission in crowded spaces.

Featured by rapidity, non-toxicity, non-pollution, non-hazardous effects, and wide applicability, plasma can efficiently sterilize various microorganisms and has been recognized as the most promising green sterilization technology of the new generation around the world.

  • Multiple mode selection
  • Alarm system
  • Smart timing
  • Low-temperature plasma
  • Rapid and thorough sterilization
  • Effective killing rate of standard test bacteria is higher than 99.9%
  • Circulating air volume reaches up to 800-1500m3/h
  • Human-machine coexistence
Application Scenarios
  • Widely applied in densely populated areas such as train stations, bus terminals, malls, schools, and hotels where the risk of cross-infection is higher.
  • Suitable for households, capable of decomposing and eliminating various indoor pollutants, inhalable particles, bacteria, and viruses, absorbing harmful substances like formaldehyde and benzene.
  • widely used in hospitals such as outpatient areas, operating rooms, blood laboratories, clean zones in infectious disease wards, showcasing significant sterilization effectiveness
Patient Positioning System for Radiotherapy Plasma Skin Treatment Device Plasma Air Sterilizer