HFCIM Passes Intellectual Property Management System Certification

2020-11-09 01:34:34

To further standardize intellectual property work, strengthen the awareness of intellectual property creation, application, management, and protection, the company actively carried out intellectual property management system certification. In October 2020, HFCIM successfully passed the on-site audit of the intellectual property management system certification and obtained the Intellectual Property Management System Certification Certificate.

The successful certification marks a new milestone for the company in the standardized management, application, and protection of intellectual property. It will effectively promote the company's independent innovation process. Intellectual property, as a core competitive advantage and important strategic resource for the company, has been highly valued since the establishment of HFCIM. In the future, HFCIM will continue to standardize intellectual property management, improve the existing intellectual property management system, consistently implement improvement measures, and ensure the long-term effective operation of the intellectual property management system. This will inject strong impetus into technology research and development and achievement transformation.

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